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CICA Violin Shoulder Rest R05S for 3/8, 1/4, 1/8, & 1/10 Size Violins

Our shoulder rests were designed for the following purposes:

1. To help students have an excellent performing posture. The S shape design provides more support to the right side of the violin, thereby generating better balance. Good balance is critical in supporting the motion of bowing so the student can naturally put the weight of the bow and the weight of their hand onto strings and the violin for optimal sound projection. The goal is to help them generate a strong and rich tone easily and effortlessly.

2. To help them better adjust their chin position. It has been our observation that too often students position their chins on the far right or the far left side of violin, forcing their eyes and head to tilt down. Our design, again, aids better posture by bringing the chin near the center of violin (near tail piece or on it), so that their sight can focus on the strings, fingers, and bow positions. With the head position more upright, tremendous playing space opens up, which is absolutely crucial for better sound production.

3. Improved acoustic sound and stability. The maple wood shoulder rest body provides wood quality vibration. When the vibration is transported from violin body to the shoulder rest, a superb vibration is produced.

4. Lastly, our rests encourages good breathing patterns. Helping students getting into the right playing posture will help prevent neck injuries. Most shoulder rests were designed to make player to hold violin very tightly, with the result being the players to press their chin and squeeze their throat to against the bottom part of the violin (end-pin place). The cramped position hinders their breathing or can lead to neck injury.

Our shoulder rests were designed to help students hold the violin in a very relaxed way. It's designed to maintain a mild spacing between the throat and violin. This way, when they play, they can breath easily and play in very comfortable way. This design keeps their spine straight, and their chin just holding the violin instead of pressing against it. When they hold violin naturally without pressing their chin down hard, it will lead them to utilize just the right amount of energy (same as the weight of the violin body) to hold the violin. In this way, holding violin becomes very easy and flexible.

We believe that breathing helps control blood circulation and aids the relaxation of muscle. Good breathing patterns while playing the violin, will help make the playing motion more natural and effortless.

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